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Freedays Property Services

Letting & Property Management in Leeds

Unique, Professional and Personal


A unique and new service.

This radical concept in letting and property management means you pay NO MONTHLY MANAGEMENT FEES and rent is paid DIRECT FROM THE TENANT TO THE LANDLORD.

You only pay when you need us to do something, potentially saving £100's per year!!

has clearly become a lot more challenging in recent months, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Your priority in these difficult times must be cashflow. And there are only two ways to boost your cashflow…

1. Increase your rental income

2. Reduce your costs

Rents are going up, and will continue to strengthen as fewer people buy, and more people rent. That's good, but it's a slow process, and it's not going to boost your cashflow overnight.

That leaves your costs. Your two biggest ones are your mortgage payments and your management costs.

Your mortgage repayments are likely to be going up now and there's not a lot we can do about that, unfortunately.

However, your management costs are a different matter entirely.

There is now a way to reduce your management costs by 80% or more, and yet the quality of service you will get will be equal to, if not better than, you're experiencing right now with your current letting agent.

Let me explain.

Letting agents have used the same business model for years, where they take the rent from your tenant, deduct their fees of between 10% and 15% (plus VAT) and pass the balance on to you. For a property renting at £650 a month, your management fees will be between £960 and £1,360 a year – and that's assuming nothing goes wrong!

If there's work to be done, then that's all extra – it soon mounts up!

With our unique 'No Fee' system, you the Landlord receive 100% of the rent every month direct from the tenant, with no deductions, and no delays. Or, for a small admin fee we will collect the rent and pass it straight onto you. This options means you don't have to worry about checking whether the tenant has paid or not - we do it for you!

It is only when you need us to find a new tenant; arrange a Gas Safety Inspection; carry out a repair; chase up a late payer, for example, that we swing into action on your behalf. We will invoice you for our work, so we never need to handle your rent money. Please contact us for details of our charges for this service.

Seen alongside our other services, we hope you can see that we offer a complete solution to meet all a Landlord's needs.