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Freedays Property Services

Letting & Property Management in Leeds

Unique, Professional and Personal

Ideal for those who want to buy a property who currently:

* are unable to raise sufficent deposit

* have a poor credit rating that needs repair

* are new to the UK

Under this scheme a potential buyer can move into their dream home now as a tenant and have the option to buy the house at an agreed price in 1-5 years time.

Some of the rent can be credited against the future deposit, and the tenant buyer has time to improve their credit score to enable them get a standard mortgage when they exercise their option to buy.

This scheme is ideal for private owners and landlords who may need to sell because of cash flow issues.

This is a 'win-win' scheme for both Landlords and Tenants, and although relatively new to the UK property market, is well established in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and is ideal in the current economic climate.

For more information about this scheme please go to our sister site at: Rent to Own UK